Coca-Cola’s “Social Media Guard”.

This is a brilliant little YouTube video from Coca-Cola. Even if you are not a fan of the company or the product you have to admit this is pretty funny. This little piece satire from Coke features great writing and production value. Produced by Memac Ogilvy for Coca-Cola this is a winner on so many levels. Now, they need to start selling the “Social Media Guard” for everyone that is addicted to social media.

Pitch Your Ideas, I Want to Steal Them.

Last Sunday, I was at the grocery store shopping and on the way out the woman in front of me turned around and coughed directly on me with out covering her mouth. Consequently, I have been fighting getting sick all week and I think I might be losing the battle. So, I am not in much of a writing mood. What I am posting is based on a real ad agency pitch to a client. Unfortunately this is more common than you think, and it also applies to design/creative pitches as well. Either way, it’s a sad but funny little video to start your Friday morning with.