School of Architecture

Congratulations to Studio 804, and the Completion of the Prescott House.

As the owner of a Studio 804 house, I am always excited when a new project by the KU program finishes and is ready for an open house. Today Studio 804 showed the newly finished Prescott house located at 12 S 16th street in Kansas City Kansas. Because I own 2007’s Modular 4 house, I was curious to see the latest effort from the KU Masters of Architecture students and decided to attend the open house. I am going to say right now, good job guys. The house was fabulous.

when we got there, I would say there were around 50 to 60 people milling through the home, yet in never really felt constricted. The open floor plan lent itself well to the high traffic present today, so I can imagine that it will feel even more spacious when you are there a smaller group.

The bottom line is this, if you live in the Kansas City area, you owe it to yourself to go see the house. It really needs to be experienced first hand, and it helps if you can have any of the students there to explain construction methods, and the way the house was finished out. Personally I want to go back and really look it over without the crowds.