Sean Grasso

Mike Friton, The Innovator.

It’s Monday, and as I wait for the next snowstorm that is going to dump two years worth of snow on Kansas City in 24 hours, I need a little inspirational pick me up. The video below from  is a 5 minute documentary about Mike Friton, freelance shoe designer and innovator. Founding member of Nike’s “Innovation Kitchen”.


The reason I am posting this is Mike’s story is great. What he says in the short film should inspire anyone to be more creative, innovative and push the boundaries of their craft. The film itself is edited so well with cuts hitting on audio beats that help set up a visual rhythm that compliments the story so well. Nice camera work, and audio design help make the film the great little piece that it is.

Director: Tristan Stoch
Director of Photography: Sean Grasso
Sound: David Panton

Music by Kevin MaCleod