Service Plan’s Solar Powered Annual Report.

I used to do a lot of annual report design work. Most of the time they were boring books filled with charts, numbers, and SEC filing information. Occasionally I would get one from a company that had a budget big enough to build a story that focused on there brand or product bringing the report to life. I think that is why I absolutely love this annual report, designed by Serviceplan for Austria Solar. The book is powered by the sun. That’s right the pages are only readable when exposed to sun light. What an absolutely fantastic idea.

Solar energy is the key area of business at Austria Solar: Serviceplan developed a surprising and attention-grabbing annual report for the Vienna-based organisation that not only puts solar energy to paper, but also positions Austria Solar as a consistently innovative industry organisation in the Austrian solar sector. Thanks to a special printing process, the content of the individual pages only becomes visible when sunlight falls on it.

The report was sent at the beginning of the year to the members of the Austrian solar organisation in addition to various representatives from business and politics.

Retro Lego from Service Plan Nails It.

I love this series of ads for Lego by Munich based Serviceplan. They totally nail what Lego is about. Everything from the look of each shot to the wardrobes and sets provided to the models is so spot on. The images are clever, and tell a complete story in a single still image.

Executive Creative Director: Matthias Harbeck
Chief Executive Creative Director: Alex Schill
Creative Director: Oliver Palmer
Art Directors: Sandra Loibl, Julia Koch
Copywriter: Frank Seiler