Sign Painting

Representing a Dying Art Form.

The video below highlights the rich history of sign painting in Dublin. As a person that started his graphic design career doing hand lettering, this short film captures something I hold dear. The art of craft, the art of creating by hand. Watching the people in this film hand letter signage with brush and paint is truely wonderful. Listening to a son talk about his father, grandfather, and great grandfather all passing the craft forward to the next generation is simply fantastic.

“Sign Painter” the Movie.

“Old signs become art. I want to make signs that become art” that single line from the trailer to Faythe Levine and Sam Macon’s documentary says it all. When I started my career in graphic design, you had to know how to or know someone who could hand letter. What was thought of as a dying craft is making a comeback thankfully. Thanks to Levine and  Macon along with cinematographer Travis Auclair for documenting the fascinating and talented individuals that keeping sign painting alive and kicking.