Simon Winser

The Cup: Filmmaking with the Olympus EP-L PEN.

This afternoon while I was rendering out a bunch of CPU sucking video, I decided to peruse YouTube for any clips about the new Olympus OM-D. While on the Olympus Australia channel, I came across a great little documentary about “The Cup” by director Simon Wincer and Cinematographer David Burr.

What I found interesting is the way they used the Olympus PEN cameras to shoot sections of the film, and why they chose it. Another interesting item is how these cameras were used in “Secretariat” and why. About 3 minutes into this short documentary, Wincer talks about how cinematographer Dean Semler used the EP cameras to get some very specific and important shots in “Secretariat”.

They don’t show any of the footage from “The Cup”, but they do show the rigs they built, and how they shot certain sections of the film. If you are into film, cinematography, or photography this is worth a watch.