The Sky is Aglow Above Los Angeles.

Light pollution is one of those things most people never think about. Why would you, unless you needed to see the night sky completely free of artificial man made light. The video below is a really nice little time-lapse created to draw attention to the growing problem with light pollution an the ever striking spaces around the world where you can actually look up at night and see all of the stars in the sky.

I was drawn to this short film, because about this time last year while driving to Colorado I happened to stop in the middle of nowhere about 40 miles South of I-70 and look up. I hadn’t that kind of sky in so long I had forgotten how magnificent the night sky is when there is no artificial light to obscure your view.

This video is a blend of time-lapse footage composited with animated stills and rotoscoped footage in and around Los Angeles. Shot by Gavin Heffernan, and Harun Mehmedinovic it is a  beautiful example of what we are all missing out on, on a nightly basis. For more info go to the Sky Glow Project and for additional images, and behind the scenes shots check out their Flickr page here.