Slow Motion Video

SVT Powder ID – Trollbäck + Company.

The video below is a behind the scenes look from  on how they produced the SVT2 Powder ID. In world full of digital effects and post production CGI work, it’s refreshing to see that this was for the most part an old school process. In the video you see that  literally through colored powder by hand through a cut out piece of foam-core.  Sometimes no matter how good your digital tools are, you just can’t get the same results as shooting the real deal. This was shot at a whopping 1200 fps on a Phantom to get the super slow motion look.

“Inspired by the Holi festival of colors, our SVT2 Powder ID required us to develop our own mixtures to get the right viscosity for the dense and colorful look of our original designs. These colorful mixtures were thrown with human propulsion in a variety of scenarios; both with and without practically built “2” logos.”

Friday Inspiration. Salience by Paul Trillo.

This short video from  is hauntingly beautiful. Over the course of five minutes, invisible people are revealed through clouds of colored powder. The video is a complex blend of compositing, color grading and post work that shows the kind of craft that goes into completing this kind of short film. Wearing color contrast body suits, the cast was Filmed at 1500 fps using the Phantom Miro. This allowed for the slow motion footage, and the crew to run and gun while shooting. The second film is the behind the scenes, and towards the end you get a pretty solid idea of complex this actually was to make.

“Protect Yourself” The Best Condom Ad of the Year.

Advertising condoms has to be a tricky proposition. You have to walk a fine line that establishes what the product is and does without coming off juvenile, or ignorant, and you have to leave a memorable message. Durex is running the “Protect Yourself” commercial shot by director Paul Santana via Supply & Demand Integrated.

The spot takes a humorous approach featuring a series of men shot in slow motion who wished they could turn back time. Men grimace as one by one they endure the pain and suffering sometimes associated with fatherhood, and their children’s lack of thought for the state of their fathers minds or the safety of their groins. This ad was named the best spec spot of 2013 by the AICP “Association of Independent Commercial Producers” and with good reason.

Tokyo Slow-mo.

Over the last couple of days I have been editing a short video that was shot entirely on a Canon 5D MK II. I have gained an even greater appreciation of that camera in the hands of a skilled photographer. While scanning through Vimeo earlier today looking for editing inspiration and new effects styles, I came across this slow motion video of Tokyo.

The film was shot on a Canon T3i and starter lenses by Alex Lee and shows off some fantastic editing and post work. This video has a great look to it. Very inspiring.