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Update, Final Cut Pro X: It’s a Big Deal but is it a Good Deal?

My Friend Tim sent me an email this afternoon from the floor at NAB. He was in attendance last night when Apple made its big announcement.

Tim Stout, reporting from NAB in sunny Las Vegas Nevada.

Apple took over the stage at the “Vegas Final Cut Pro Supermeet” last night to a capacity crowd of 1800 at Ballys last night. Randy Ubillos started the show at 7:00 sharp, and jumped right in to introducing the new version of Final Cut X. One hour later, the sneak peek was done.

They should’ve changed the name. It’s new from the ground up. New UI, scalable, many new features- some catch up with the rest of the NLE world, some leaping ahead. One big leap ahead is Color management specifically, with the ability to pick a clip and have other clips match its color palette. Very easy like all the new features. No tracks in the timeline. Cuts are just dropped into the timeline. Curious that some traditional terms like “scrubbing” have been Apple-ized to “swiping” or something.

It was just a sneak peek but this new “super iMovie” (or iCut as your blog host calls it) version left many wondering about integration with 3rd party filters and workflow with the rest of the production suite. I heard insiders wondering about integration with other hardware and media. Seeing how much Apple likes Adobe makes me wonder if you can import things Photoshop or illustrator files.

When it was announced that it will be available as a download in June for $299, the room exploded. Ok, it’s a big deal but the fact that Apple finally did something to an app that has been dormant for a while makes it a good deal.