Winter Snow.

The first big winter storm of the season is rolling through the Midwest so I decided to go in search of snow zombies. Here in the City Market district things are pretty deserted, but there are a few people out, and the snow sure ads drama to the afternoon.



Shooting Analog, and Drinking Wine.

Back in December I bought a 35-year-old Olympus OM2 35mm film camera and a bunch of lenses on eBay. I shot a single roll of film to test out the meter, shutter, and body for typical things like light leaks and exposure accuracy. After shooting my first roll of film in about 15 years, I took it in for developing and promptly forgot about it for 3 months. Today, I was at Crick and remembered to pick up the disc and check out the images I shot back in December. So how’d the camera do? better than I expected, considering there were a number of adult libations consumed while testing it out.

The images below are the result of an evening of good friends, dinner, wine, the holidays, and an impending winter storm.

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Moving Day, Mother Nature, Japan.

The last two years in Kansas City have been pretty much snow free. Mother Nature being the kind woman she is, she decided to give us two years worth in less than a week. The second storm is scheduled to roll through tomorrow through Tuesday with up to 12 more inches being dropped on us before it’s all over. The big rub for me… I’m supposed to move on Tuesday. Now, if only moving in America, was as painless as it is in Japan. I’m seeing an opportunity for a very lucrative business here in the states. If this service was available here, I’d do it in an instant.

Snowtorious B.I.G. 2013

Well the first big snow in the last two years hit Kansas City this morning. Right now there is 8 to 9 inches on my driveway and I wish I owned a snowblower. I could start shoveling, but it just seems futile at this point. Maybe I’ll grab the OMD and go for a walk. Looks like good Photo opportunities await.


Just in Time For Winter, if You Happen to Have Some Snow.

Unlike the last two years, Kansas City has been almost completely snow free this season. I’m not complaining, you’d understand if you saw how large my driveway is. With that said though, it is January, and a bit of the white stuff would be OK I guess.

If we do get snow, wouldn’t it be awesome to have something like Mountain Boy Sledworks Slalom Steerable Sled to play in it with?

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Slalom Steerable Sled is made from 5/8” thick marine-grade molded plywood, and fully steerable, the front section of the slalom sled pivots to provide amazing steering power. The sled’s wide stance makes it very stable and gives it excellent flotation in powder, while slippery runners provide great speed and control on hardpack. Marine-grade lead-free finish.

This is so low tech, and like most bent plywood offerings amazing looking. There is no spec on the weight limit for this bad boy, just an ages 3+ restriction.

A Truck Load, or Three of Snow.

In the last 24 hours I’ve shoveled a truck load of snow. I mean that quite literally. My drive is 16 feet wide by 90 feet long, and by truck load I mean 2 tons minimum. So, how much did I shovel?

“The weight of snow varies greatly. Light fluffy snow may only weigh about seven pounds per cubic foot. More average snow may weigh 15 pounds per cubic foot and drifted compacted snow may weigh 20 pounds or more…”

The stuff I shoveled not including what the snow plow deposited at the end of my drive this afternoon was average, so I’m going to split the difference on this formula and go with 7 pounds per cubic foot, but first a bit of math.

There are 7.48 gallons per cubic foot of water – that’s about 62.4 pounds.

For Wet Snow
Let’s say wet snow would be equivalent to 1″ of rain or 5″ of snow, you would get a resulting 62.4/5 = 12.5 pounds.

For Light, Fluffy Snow
Let’s say fluffy snow would be equivalent to 2.5″ of water and 12″ snow, you would get 62.4/12 = 5.2 pounds.

So, 16 x 90 x 7 = 10,800 divided by 2,480 pounds (true ton weight) = 4.065 tons or a couple of truck loads of snow. This doesn’t include sidewalks, decks, front porches etc. All told, I’m going to go with6 tons total in the last 24 hours.

Trying to Put a Positive Spin on Winter 2010

Looking to the South and West from the main roomin the house.

This morning I was thinking I haven’t really posted anything about the house for a while, and that was the original point of this blog. So as I was sitting in the living room enjoying my morning coffee, and pondering the winter wonderland outside my window, I decided now was as good a time as any.

Anyone who lives in Kansas City, or the Midwest for that matter is very aware that we have been in a deep blanket of snow and cold since the 24th of December. Actually I’m thinking if you have seen or read any news in the last two weeks you are probably aware of the grip “Old Man Winter” has on most of the country right now. Well rather than post some long hate rant about the snow and cold, and believe me I could, I thought I would try to find the positive side of this. We still have over 2 and a half months of winter to go, and according to the experts its going to be a very snowy winter.

So here is what I decided while sitting in the living room and gazing out the expanse of windows that covers my house from floor to ceiling along the south wall.

The snow might be a pain, but the view is spectacular. It really is. The 3/4 acre lot that my house sits on is covered in deep white. The 3 acres to the South and West are a mottled white and brown mass of trees and prairie grass. And there really is an amazing amount of wildlife to see. In the last week and a half all the animals that live in the woods have ventured out in search of food and perhaps better shelter. The deer are frequenting the field, and I’m pretty sure the fox or a opposum has set up residence beneath the overhang beyond our deck. I see tracks coming and going, and Cosmo is convinced that he needs to go in and find what ever it is living beyond the snow drift nestled safely against the side of the house. I still can’t believe that there are this many animals living this close to the city. I’m less than half a mile from 7th Street and the 39th Street corridor. It’s just crazy.

So while I’m not looking forward to shoveling, and trudging through the snow and cold, I have to admit it looks pretty nice outside.