Winter Snow.

The first big winter storm of the season is rolling through the Midwest so I decided to go in search of snow zombies. Here in the City Market district things are pretty deserted, but there are a few people out, and the snow sure ads drama to the afternoon.




Shooting Analog, and Drinking Wine.

Back in December I bought a 35-year-old Olympus OM2 35mm film camera and a bunch of lenses on eBay. I shot a single roll of film to test out the meter, shutter, and body for typical things like light leaks and exposure accuracy. After shooting my first roll of film in about 15 years, I took it in for developing and promptly forgot about it for 3 months. Today, I was at Crick and remembered to pick up the disc and check out the images I shot back in December. So how’d the camera do? better than I expected, considering there were a number of adult libations consumed while testing it out.

The images below are the result of an evening of good friends, dinner, wine, the holidays, and an impending winter storm.

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Moving Day, Mother Nature, Japan.

The last two years in Kansas City have been pretty much snow free. Mother Nature being the kind woman she is, she decided to give us two years worth in less than a week. The second storm is scheduled to roll through tomorrow through Tuesday with up to 12 more inches being dropped on us before it’s all over. The big rub for me… I’m supposed to move on Tuesday. Now, if only moving in America, was as painless as it is in Japan. I’m seeing an opportunity for a very lucrative business here in the states. If this service was available here, I’d do it in an instant.