Social Advertising

TrippExperience 2. A YouTube Take Over Time Machine.

This YouTube take over campaign is less than a week old and it has already racked up more than 5 million page views. There is good reason for that. Trpp-Ex’s Tippexperience2 builds on last years campaign, and does so with multiple videos that can are played when the viewer types in the year they want the party to take place. The campaign allows you the viewer, to save the hunter and the bear from a world ending meteorite, and then explore all the possible outcomes decade by decade.

This is a really nice example of interactivity within the YouTube framework.There was quite a bit of production work that went into the overall campaign, and results show it. Take some time and explore the site, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what Tripp-Ex has done here.

Animated Twitter Ads, for Smart Argentina.

Twitter limits your posts to 140 characters, and doesn’t natively support video, flash, or other dynamic media solutions. This can be a bit challenging for advertisers who want to use rich content to promote their brand. That’s right not everyone feels that they can truly convey their ad message/brand message in 140 characters or less. So what do you do if you want to create an animated ad in Twitter? You get really creative, that’s what.

Take what BBDO Argentina did for Smart Cars Argentina. BBDO Argentina created the first animated Twitter ad that is built right into the Brands Twitter stream. If you go here you can see the animation in action by holding down the “J” key on your keyboard to see the animation scroll by. If you are lazy, watch the embedded YouTube video below. The ad works like an old school flipbook animation, creating a fun simple animated ad with a light story. It shows off the Smart’s commuter features like squeezing into a parking spot to small for other cars. What a great idea. So simple, and so much fun.


Is Pinterest Right For Your Companies Product?

One of the reasons I stopped using Pinterist awhile back was it felt like the social network was becoming a giant ad engine. By that I mean it felt like most of the content that was being served to me, was being pushed based on marketing algorithms and not my real interests. I have a shotgun approach to things I like, and it simply felt like companies were pushing there products on me, rather than me finding things in a more organic fashion.

It turns out my feelings were probably premature, but correct. Pinterest is one of the hottest ways for companies to market their products and services right now.They have a massive user base that is groing daily, and you surfing habits are tracked, recorded, and used to deliver tailored content to your eyeballs. For marketers Pinterest offers a lot of advantages, especially if you’ve got a strong visual product.

If you look at the infographic from Intuit below, you’ll see that Pinterest isn’t worth every companies investment though. It offers a solid insight into the way social media attracts, keeps, and sometimes loses an audience.

Titanic Tweets!

History Press has launched a new Twitter feed to promote the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s tragic voyage. The Twitter page went live 5 days ago, and will remain up until April 12th when as we all know, Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks. Tweets will be sent from  #captain, #crew, #photographer and #engineering. It’s a pretty clever idea and makes Titanic’s story feel fresh. I wonder if Leonardo DiCaprio will post any tweets as @kingoftheworld?

Check out the Titanic tweets here.