Social Gaming

Swedbank’s Social Gaming Campaign Delivers the Goods.

The tactics used to develop social networking pages for “Owned Media” are changing quickly. Particularly where statistical measurement of overall effectiveness is needed.  More brands that are using social media to engage with their target audience need to know more than just fan base size. They need to get real numbers on activity and engagement.

Swedbank, the largest bank in Latvia, partnered with Draugiem Latvia’s largest social networking site to create a social game called ‘how well do your friends know you?’ The game posed questions and elicited responses from your friends which in turn stimulated some serious activity around Swedbank’s Draugiem page.

The gaming activity surfaced Swedbank’s three key objectives – ‘know Swedbank’s customers better’, ‘earn their trust’ and ‘grow together with them.’  Friends answered questions about each other, with the Question and Answer execution built around the Swedbank logo. All the content was housed in hubs on both on the Swedbank Latvia site and the Swedbank Latvia profile page on Draugiem.

The video below explains more in better detail.

Paws Up. Hoedown. Lady Gaga and Farmville.

Since Farmville is one of the hottest online games going, it’s no surprise that Lady Gaga, or her massive marketing team has jumped on the the Zynga band wagon to promote her latest album.I have no idea what this cost the Gaga team, but you can bet it was a pretty penny since Zynga is all about building co-op deals that crank out millions for them in a short time frame.

GagaVille is a promotional game inside FarmVille that lets you grow all sorts of Gaga crystals, which  allow you to buy selected songs from the new album before they are officially released using Zynga Game Cards. Gagaville will run until May 26th when the official album drops worldwide.

I’m going to assume that this campaign is doing really well based on the 600,000+ views of this clip so far on YouTube. Zynga hasn’t released any information on how many songs have been purchased, or how many people are playing Gagaville, but I have a feeling it’s quite a few which means this is money well spent by the record labels marketing team.

The excellent promotional video “Paws Up. Hoedown” was produced by EVB. Credits for the team are below the video.

Title: PAWS UP. HOEDOWN. Lady Gaga goes to Farmville.
Client: Zynga
Agency: Evolution Bureau (EVB)
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Goldblatt
Creative Director: John Reid
Art Director: Stephen Goldblatt, Aaron Feiger
Copywriter: John Reid, Jean Morrow
Motion Designer: Devin Croda
Executive Producer: Craig Batzofin
Agency Producer: Eric Rasco
Account Director: Martha Jurzynski
Production Company: Moxie Pictures
Director: Seth Gordon
Executive Producer: Lizzie Schwartz
Line Producer: Mary Rohlich
Director of Photography: Joshua Hess
Editorial: HutchCo
Technologies Editor: Jim Hutchins
Assistant Editor: Joaquin Machado
Executive Producer: Jane Hutchins
Post Production: Method Studios
Flame Artist: Pete Mayor
Producer: Ananda Reavis
Executive Producer: Robert Owens
Telecine: CO3
Colorist: Siggy Ferstl
Music: Lady Gaga “Born This Way”
Additional music: Beacon Street Studios, APM
Mix: Rohan Young, Lime Studios

Achtung! VW’s LinkedIn Challenge.

Last year LinkedIn launched it’s developer network with a new LinkedIn API. I haven’t really seen any advertisers take advantage of the API yet, the same way that they have with other social networking platforms like Facebook. Recently though Achtung developed a new LinkedIn based campaign for the 2011 Volkswagen Passat in the Netherlands. The campaign is based on the idea that the new Passat is as full of features, as your LinkedIn profile is full of information.

The campaign is called “LinkedUit” (LinkedOut) and gives anyone who challenges a friend on LinkedIn to the competition a chance to win a brand new Volkswagen Passat. The objective is simple, all you have to do is have the strongest LinkedIn profile in Holland. Once you connect with the site here, it challenges a chosen connection on education, experience, recommendations and connections to award the LinkedIn victor, and the LinkedOut loser.

There are a couple of things that benefit everyone involved in the game. In order to win the participants  need to be more involved with LinkedIn and beef up their profiles. Which stimulates LinkedIn usage, and that is a plus for them. At the same time Volkswagen gains access to a large database of potential customers on a world wide scale, a plus for VW. Playing off of the competitive nature of most people VW and LinkedIn have created a simple viral game that encourages participation that benefits all parties involved.

I’m curious to see how many people actually take that first step and challenge a coworker. I am also curious to see how many of the people that lose, go back and try to beef up the profiles to win a challenge in the future. With buy in and support from LinkedIn, getting these kinds of numbers at the end of the campaign would be easy, and it would make for a great case study on the effectiveness of LinkedIn’s API, and the power of this kind of advertising.