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I’m Addicted to “Dots”.

iconDots is a nice little gaming app that was developed by New York based, Betaworks One. The game is very simple; try and connect as many same-colored dots as you can using only vertical and horizontal lines in 60 seconds, in 30 moves, or you can play it in endless mode.

Dots interface is extremely clean and simple and has a social media connection allowing you to connect to your friends via Twitter or Facebook to see your friends high scores. Weekly score boards reset every Sunday, giving you a chance to make it to the top of the list and enhance the competition across your network.


Since it’s release Dots has jumped to the number one mobile game in twenty countries, with good reason. The simple clean interface and engaging user experience makes Dots highly addictive.

“Singles Finder”

I haven’t been single for a while, so the idea of looking for single women in a bar is sort of out of my current skill set. This doesn’t mean that I can’t relate to those of you still searching for companionship in a sea of disco’s, clubs, bars, and pubs.

Ogilvy Argentina has created a “Singles Finder” application for the iPhone. The application was created for the largest online dating portal in South America. The application was built around the tag line “Love is out there. If we get organized, there’s plenty for all”. The free application works by simply pointing your iPhones camera at the location, it then gives the number of single men and women that have checked in to that place so you can make a decision about going in or not, to find your perfect date.

On a side note, if you are single and looking to hook up with someone, the video lists the three hottest cities for singles in the world. Personally, I never would have guesses Belgrade Serbia as number 1.