Solar System

The World is Going to End. Let’s Have a Drink.

The world is a wonderful and scary place at times, and the folks over at Information is Beautiful want to show you that. This morning while doing a bit of research on data visualization, I came across 2 infographic pieces that have nothing to do with each other directly, but made me want to post both of them.

The first deals with the distant future and the fact that everything is going to die. Yes it looks way into the future of planet earth, all the way up to the point where it is consumed by the sun and dies. The second makes you feel all better by providing you with drink recipes broken down by proportion, so you can drown your sorrows as you reflect on the inevitability of earths ultimate demise. Now I’m not going to lie, some of the drinks recipes seem a bit off to me, and there are some classics that are missing. None the less, I’ll be printing this out for future reference. click on the image to view larger.


Ross Berens’ Planets.

I’ve always been a sucker for things about space, the planets and space exploration. I think it goes back to growing up during the Space Race, and the euphoria that surrounded the Apollo program in the late 1960’s. This morning I found this series of posters by Ross Berens for the planets in the solar system, and was completely smitten.

This series of posters is so well designed. Each one combining minimal photography, solid typography, great use of texture. and layout. The design work shown here is really solid, and reflects the emerging skills of this young designer. If you look through his entire portfolio, you see the work of someone who has a very bright future in the field of visual design.