Soma Water Bottle

Bottles, We Don’t Need No Ugly Water Bottles. Introducing Soma.

The best design is where form and function compliment each other in a way that is so seamless that the end user is doesn’t even notice it. Where a beautiful object has a very specific purpose, and form and function work so well together it blends unobtrusively into your life. Soma is a perfect example of that.

Constructed of Glass using a 100% compostable water filter Soma  is a beautiful object, one that is worthy of display. The filter blends into it’s container and becomes part of the complete design without giving away it’s true purpose.  the shape of the bottle is sexy and clean and wants to be held. And while the shape and look of Soma is important, the functional side of it is in many ways the most important part of all.


The filter is designed by David Beeman – One of the top water filtration experts in the world.  Beeman brings over 30 years of experience in creating water filtration formulas for global brands like Starbucks, Peet’s, and others. The filter is made from all-natural Malaysian coconut shells, vegan silk, and food-based PLA plastic. The video explains it all with a solid Kickstarter pitch that is worth watching.

“We went on a hunt for materials that were compostable, healthy, and durable—not an easy task. Fortunately, we discovered three exceptional options. For the carbon granules that do most of the filtration, we identified all-natural Malaysian coconut shells. For the external casing we tracked down a food-based PLA composite that was surprisingly durable, even though it’s compostable. And, when it came to the final layer of filtration—which is typically done with a plastic screen, we came across a vegan silk from India. These materials were exactly what we were looking for. The Soma water filter is completely unique. There is nothing else like it in the world.” David Beeman

One more little point. How many plastic water bottles do you this could help remove from landfills, oceans, lakes, streams, rivers, and creeks? Just one more thing to think about.