Sound Design

SoundSnap Machine.

One of the biggest components to any video, or film is sound. We often take it for granted, because we are so lost in the visuals, but good sound design can make or break a piece. The video below is a perfect example of this. The video from  for SoM is an impressive mesh of audio that completely compliments the video. The second clip shows you how the audio was created which is equally impressive.

BUCK Sydney Blends.

Last week the Blend festival in Vancouver kicked off, and this animated short from the BUCK team in Sydney opened the show. Created by Gareth O’Brien and featuring childlike  crazy 8 bit music and sound design from Antfood the video is a great play on words. The BUCK team were inspired by their friends at Wine after Coffee who gave them the theme: Blend. Blend they do.

What is “Original” Anyway?

Brilliant animation, amazing style and look, great script, killer sound design and audio. Seriously solid work by Toronto based designer and art director  Andrew Vucko on originality and creativity. The precision of the timing in this animated short is exquisite. It is so fluid, with perfect easing, and momentum that works with a series of quotes from some of histories most creative minds: Woodrow, Wilson, Pablo Picasso, Dieter Rams, etc. all of which is distilled into a single narrative that defines what it means to be original.

Direction/Design/Animation: Andrew Vucko
Sound Design & Music: CypherAudio
Production/Direction/Mix: John Black
Composers: Tobias Norberg, John Black
Sound Design: Jeff Moberg, John Black
Voiceover: Chris Kalhoon

Regular Division.

Talk about a head bender. The video below is a visual twister, and when you think about the amount of work that had to be done in post to complete this it’s pretty insane. After watching it I went back and scrubbed through the video and tried to get a count on the number of masks, and nested comps it would have taken to pull this off. I work in After Effects every day, so I am keenly aware of how organization of layers, comps, masks, and other elements play a crucial role in your final output. All I can say is artist Joe Hamilton, has to be one of the most organized video artists out there. The clip is visually stunning, with nice optical illusions, sound design, and mesmerizing visual impact. I’d love to see a behind the scenes look at how this and may of his other works are created.

“Joe Hamilton makes use of technology and found material to create intricate and complex compositions online, offline and between.”

“Shape your Time”, Cartier’s Epic Online Commercial.

Cartier has dropped an online short celebrating 167 years of fine watching making. The spot is heavy on 3D animation, CG, and effects laden content that blends a sort of steampunk and sci-fi look together to create a truly epic video. I can’t begin to imagine what the budget and production schedule was for this. The sound design is fantastic, the over all production value of the animation is truly high budget movie worthy, and while I don’t really get the narrative it doesn’t really matter. The spot kept me looking, and left the Cartier brand lingering in my brain which is one of the things advertising is supposed to do.