South Africa

Ponte Tower, by Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom has released a new short documentary on Vimeo. The film focuses on Ponte Tower in Johannesburg, South Africa, and captures the feeling of the haunting structure, with beautiful cinematography and editing. The film was shot on the new Black Magic cinema camera with time lapse sequences being shot on a Canon 5D Mk II.

For more info on shooting the film and some of the challenges Bloom faced, click here.

Ponte Tower from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.


I Want to Amarok Your World.

I want to hand it to Ogilvey’s Cape Town South Africa offices for turning out a smart and engaging spot for the VW Amarok (sadly a vehicle that will never make it to the USA). The production quality of this spot shines, with really great cinematography, editing, staging, casting and soundtrack.

Produced by Velocity Films the ad features the Amarok rolling through a museum designed to look like the Smithsonian built on a sound stage at Cape Town Film Studios. Velocity created five dioramas using over 130 tons of sand and 26 tons of rock depicting everything from cavemen to the lunar landings. As the truck rolls through the museum an unsuspecting janitor polishes the floors while listening to a funky version of “It Don’t Mean a Thing, If It Ain’t Got That Swing”.

The shoot and post work took more than two months to complete including the build out of the sets, and it shows. The final piece has a highly credible museum look and feel.

“The final result provides an unexpected, striking and amusing way of highlighting the technological innovation and smart, tough capabilities of the Amarok”. Jacques Massardo

BEV The Sampling Robot and Beverage Dispenser.

Here is a nice little marketing tool that utilizes Twitter. BOS Tea has developed a vending machine that allows customers to tweet for a free drink. Simply tweet the unique hashtag #BOSTWEET4T when standing in front of the machine, and you get an ice cold BOS Ice Tea on the house. It’s a pretty simple idea, but one that I can see more and more marketers adopting. It has a low cost to develop and the potential to go viral in the areas the machines are located. The concept was developed by South African marketing agency Cow Africa and New Zealand’s ThingKing.

ThingKing extended the concept for Cow Africa by developing a soundtrack that was triggered whenever a drink was dispensed. The sounds were based on the inherent sounds and visuals within the machine and were designed to amplify the machine both in terms of the sounds that its makes and the partially unseen things that take place internally.

Cameras were placed in areas of mass movement as were contact microphones in places with interesting sound. We played a bit with the audio visual mix of these elements and arrived at an overall machine feeling. Sounds such as the motors moving, the drink being knocked around and coins clinking were all amplified through 2 speakers placed on-top of the dispenser. Two monitors abreast of these speakers played real time footage of the goings on inside the machine.

The BOS vending machine made her debut appearance at the 2012 Design Indaba, and can now be seen handing out free beverages for tweets at Wembley Square, Cape Town

The CNN ECOSPHERE Project Case Study

Back in November I posted about the COP 17 conference in Durban, South Africa. Specifically I posted about the real-time holographic model that was being built via Twitter about the conference. The video below is the case study showing the result of how social media impacted and influenced discussions within the conference. It’s pretty impressive when you see the numbers.