2012 London Olympic Stamps.

The 2012 London Olympics Logo might be one of the ugliest design tragedies of the last few years, but at least one design firm has managed to make something fabulous with it.

Hat-Trick has designed a set of four postage stamps to mark the start of the London 2012 Olympics that are visually quite wonderful. The stamps feature a design that blends sports with iconic London landmarks. Released today in the UK the stamps will be on sale in Europe. No word on international availability via the web, but I’m sure they will be.

 “The pictured athletes are all elite members of the GB teams so they are all due to compete. We had to make sure that they are not recognizable individually as it was important that these are not just GB specific, but rather about the sports themselves. However we wanted to make sure that the sports are represented properly by shooting real athletes in action. One of the trickiest was the fencing and tower bridge stamp.”

Typographic Stamps, from Jung Kim Min.

I’m not a philatelist, but I do buy stamps that feature exquisite design and typography so I’ll probably try to get a set of these if and when they come out.

This project from designer Jung Min Kim, features 18 stamps that showcase some of the most important typefaces in the history of typography. Each stamp highlights the most important feature of the face, and when the stamp is peeled off the backing sheet, it reveals additional information about the type designer, and the significance of the typeface itself. (release date, where it was designed, designers name, foundry, etc.) To promote the stamp line Jung Min Kim took two of the stamps and created promotional posters.

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