HTML 5 in an Easy To Understand Info Graphic.

If you do any kind of interactive design work you are probably familiar with the big hoo-ha going on with HTML 5 and Apple’s continued denial of Flash on it’s iOS platform. I am a guy that works in Flash on a fairly regular basis, and uses pretty much every Adobe application daily. Well not every application, but the core ones (Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, and Premier). I have mixed feelings about Apple’s stance. I don’t like anyone telling me what tools to use, and how to author interactive content. My real beef has to do with Apple pulling the plug on the Flash compiler for the iPhone but that is another story entirely.

Now with all that said, I know HTML 5 is coming, and I know it is going to impact the way people develop interactive content. There is no getting around it. So if you are a bit curious about what HTML 5 is, and why it is a big deal, here is a great info graphic that breaks it down for you. Image courtesy of littlepixer