Stir Sets the Tone for British Auto Service.

Milwaukee based design firm Stir, has stirred things up with its latest print campaign for British Auto Service. The campaign is a series of posters featuring desaturated images classic English rides against tonal distressed backgrounds. Paired with clever editorial each poster looks as though it has been hanging on the wall of a garage for decades. Like the vintage cars that are featured here, each poster is worn, scuffed, faded, and torn.

From a visual design perspective the designers have created a couple very nice visual tricks as well. If you look at these, you notice that the fold across the center of the poster, creates a false horizon line grounding the vehicle in space on 4 of the posters. In addition, the radiant lines that emerge from behind each car draw your eye into the center of the page, and visually connect you to the editorial at the top, and the company name at the bottom.

Really nice stuff guys.