stop motion animation

“The Old Man and the Sea”, A Stop Motion Version of Hemmingway’s Classic.

It’s the end of the school year for most people around the globe, and with that there is a new crop of student work that is showing up on the internet. below is a post that surfaced on Vimeo by Hagen Reiling, and Marcel Schindler, students of Prof. Dr. Reiner Nachtwey, in Düsseldorf. The short stop motion film is inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s short story “The Old Man and the Sea”, and shows some skillful animation, editing and illustration.

Once again, student work that makes me wish I was back in school. The tools that are available to emerging students today is allowing them to create some really impressive work. This is no exception.

Sebas & Clim’s “Tiny Story”

Telling a story doesn’t always involve lengthy dialog, or expansive visuals. Sometimes it can be told with simple graphics, no real dialog, and a basic visual metaphors.

This is a great example of that from Sebas & Clim. Tiny Story is a series of simple statements enacted by very simple shapes animated against a grid on a primary background. Simple, and complex at the same time. Absolutely wonderful. Oh and I really love the fact that it is portrait, not landscape orientation.