Story Telling

“An Undertaking”, A Genuine Relationship With Life, Death and Sawdust.

This is a story about love, craft, and connections. It is a beautifully filmed and edited piece about a grandmother’s request of her grandson. Do yourself a favor and take 8 minutes out of your day and watch this. This is a great little story that is touching and heartfelt. It’s worth watching, not only for the story, but for the beautiful visuals, and the emotional connections that are captured here.

“Michael Yates’ passion for working with wood arose from the wood’s accessibility, its palpable presence and the hope that his efforts would last. But when his grandmother requested that he build her casket, the stability of oak collided with an evocative “conversation” with impermanence, death and the inevitability of absence. In spite of his initial fear and resistance due to our culture’s steadfast avoidance of the D-word, Yates eventually agreed to build the casket and began the real work of constructing a genuine relationship with life, death and sawdust.”

It Couldn’t Be Done, an Audi Storybook.

To promote the history, engineering, design and state of the art technology that has always gone into Audi automobiles, VBP, Mattson Creative has created a 28 page storybook. Reading like a children’s book, and filled with wonderful illustrations, the book covers the history of the car maker form it’s origins as Auto Union to the present day. Illustrations from the book are featured below. The video is a narrated reading that shows off each page of the book. What a great way to break away from the traditional way of automotive advertising and promotion. This feels so fresh in a world dominated by macho, aggressive imagery and technical specifications.

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Monday Inspiration. “Contre Temps”.

Once again I am absolutely blown away by a student film from Supinfocom Arles, France. The attention to detail, the quality of animation, story, stylistic intent, character development, sound design… everything is just so good. It seriously makes me want to take a year off and go back to school. If you have a few minutes take some time to watch “Contre Temps”, by Jérémi Boutelet, Thibaud Clergue, Tristan Ménard, Camille Perrin, Gaël Megherbi, and Lucas Veber. What a great job.

Another Great Animated Short from Supinfocom.

It’s Wednesday, and I know I needed a little bit of inspiration mid-way through the week. What could be more inspiring than an animated short from the graduating students of Supinfocom in Arles, France?

Below is a seven minute animated short, created by 6 students for their graduation presentation. Every time I see work from this school I am simply blown away by the quality of the work. This school consistently turns out some of the best work I see all year. Great story, illustration style, animation, attention to detail, and over all quality. Nice work guys.

Francis CANITROT –
Aurélien DUHAYON –
Sébastien IGLESIAS –
Maxence MARTIN –