The Art of Storyboarding.

This video tutorial on Storyboarding from Carey at Division 05 is probably one of the best I’ve seen when it comes to insight to the creative process. At 30 minutes it’s a bit much, but so worth watching. This walks you through the process and gives great advice on the design process, creative thinking, and what you need to think about as you develop your concept. This isn’t a hands on, or how to, but instead a really well thought out video on storytelling, idea generation, and process. As you watch it, pay attention to all the tools he uses to create just 6 style frames for his storyboard pitch to Fox. It’s not just Photoshop.


Visual Illusions. Willie Witte’s “Screengrab”.

Here’s a little something that will bend your noodle. Watch this video and then stop and think about things like timing, editing, transitions, the overall concept etc. What seems like a simple little piece is deceptively complex.┬ápre-visualizing the flow of this, and thinking about how you are going to shoot and edit it would have taken hours of planning. Take a minute and half, watch it, then scrub through it to see if you can see where all the change ups happen.