Inverted Bike Shop, for 718 Cyclery by Show Love.

Show Love is a Social Content, Strategy, & Next Generation PR  company that has produced a number of videos for their clients to help extend brand presence. Thie latest release is “Inverted Bike Shop” for 718 Cyclery in Brooklyn New York.

This is a great example of how the back story behind a company can be a very powerful connecting force. This simple video documents the passion of the owner, his connection to his clients, and shows the very human side of his business. This is the kind of thing that is very hard to get from a website, a social network, direct mail, etc. By letting the owner of 718 Cyclery tell his story, in a short five minute film, Show Love has captured and presented something real, and captivating.This is the kind of thing that has real linger time. It gets you interested, and pulls you in for more. It works.

Do yourself a favor, and go to Show Love’s vimeo channel and check out the rest of the films they have produced. I think you’ll be impressed.


Social Media is Not a Magic Bullet

This is a great video clip from Bonin Bough, the global director of social media from PepsiCo. In the clip he talks about PepsiCo’s healthy attitude toward social media and the role it plays in today’s world.

In the clip he talks about the fact that digital and social media cannot rehabilitate brands and how it isn’t a magic bullet. Something that seems very obvious, but is often missed by companies clamoring to get on the social media band wagon.