“Parallels” is One of the Best Commercials I’ve Seen All Year.

StrawberryFrog and director Dante Ariola have produced an absolutely killer ad for Jim Beam. “Parallels” asks makes a simple point. “The choices you make define what you become”. Willem DeFoe narrates the story and plays characters in a duality, showing the contrast between choices that are well made, and those that are not.


The narration is so simple, and so direct. Powerful and potent. The visual direction and story build to a singular point that references the beginning of the spot, and the product is mentioned only once in the actual piece. (I’m pretty sure the full color ad slick on the end was an after thought tacked on by someone else) This spot is part of the “Bold Choices” campaign created by StrawberryFrog for Jim Beam, and is indicative of the kind of stellar work they produce. I really hope they continue with these kinds of TV spots for Jim Beam in the future.

Now if you produced a spot that is going to air during the Super Bowl on Sunday, I hope you made a bold choice to produce something this good.