“The Weight of Mountains”, From Studiocanoe.

“All the good and evil things that happen in the world are of no consequence to the magnitude of their scale.”

It’s Friday, and I intend to step back and watch this short film from  again. It is a wonderfully shot and edited 12 minute short that is based upon the work of British geographer L. Dudley Stamp. It talks about the processes by which mountains are created and eventually destroyed. While that might sound boring, it is actually quite interesting, and the footage, which was shot on location in Iceland is rather amazing. There is great informative storytelling here with calming narration, and a musical score that soothes as you watch.


You Can Build Anything.

It’s Monday morning and I thought I would start things off with a little bit of fun from Studiocanoe. This is a great little advertisement for Lego. I think the thing about it that I really love is how it brought back so many memories from playing with Lego as a kid. You could truly build anything, your only limit was your imagination, and that is demonstrated here perfectly. Shot in and around London, this clip shows objects built with lego held up in real world environments. It plays off of the idea that is present in all children and often forgotten by adults, that your imagination, can make it so real.

Studiocanoe is Temujin Doran, an illustrator and filmmaker based in London. Doran, graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 2008, and the years he spent by the sea were perhaps the best of his life. His drawing work is stylistically detailed, and often displays a penchant for historical subjects, high-seas adventure and delightful nonsense.