Pininfarina + Diavelo Join Forces To Create An E-Bike

“E-voluzione represents a perfect synthesis of our spirit: sporty character and eco-friendly soul” affirms Paolo Pininfarina. “Sporty and dynamic, a harmonic bikeable to guarantee high performances and great comfort”.

E-voluzione is the first electric bike born from the design collaboration between Pininfarina and bicycle makers Diavelo. E-voluzione was developed with a holistic design philosophy in mind. By that, I mean all the main components of the bike are integrated in the bike. By making a conscious effort to seamlessly integrate the battery, the mid-engine, the handlebar and stem, the cockpit, all the cables, the lighting system they have created not only a very aesthetically pleasing bike but one with a higher level of function. Thanks to better weight distribution and balance and a more comfortable and performing ride.


Using carbon fiber in the frame and in the bar, seat post, wheels, the bike is extremely light weight compared to the competition, weighing in at 35 pounds. I know, hefty by traditional bike standards, but fairly light for a motorized e-bike.

The carbon fiber frame is produced by using an innovative process known as  autoclave carbon fiber. Which produces a lighter stiffer frame allowing the bike to be more maneuverable and perform better.


The same level of innovation applies to other components that are used in the bike as well. The motor and transmission feature a high torque capacity and are fully integrated into the frame. The transmission is belt driven for an ultra quiet ride and reduces maintenance needs. In addition, they have integrated the patented battery into the frame, yet it is still fully removable for recharging or replacement if needed. The bike features hydraulic brakes and  Shimano components as well.


Miele Might Replace My Dyson.

I’ve been on the search for a new vacuum cleaner for a few weeks now. I had a Dyson canister, and I’m going to just say this, I had a love hate relationship with it. I love Dyson for its sucking power, I hate the canister for certain design flaws and the fact that it weighs as much as my Mini Cooper. Because of this I am actually considering another brand. Yes I know, collective gasp from the Dyson fans out there. There are other brands besides Dyson, some very good ones in fact, and instead of falling victim to the Dyson hype machine I have decided to do a little comparative shopping.

The first vacuum that I am going to look at is the Miele Olympus, Titan and Delphi canisters.  These are lightweight powerful canister style vacuums that also feature a vortex system like the Dyson. They also feature an efficient filtration system known as “AirClean”.  But this is only part of the reason why I am looking at the Miele vacuum.

While it isn’t the most stylish machine, it does offer certain features that make it appealing. Along with being powerful, and using a vortex system, the vacuum is extremely quiet. According to what I have found on the internet, it is as much as 20 percent quieter than the Dyson. Now this might not seem like a big deal, but it is when you consider I have 2 small dogs that bark like crazy at the vacuum because of the noise it makes. In addition, many of the features are seamlessly integrated into  the vacuum, including large foot switches, a 29 foot operating radius, (this means less dead weight to drag around), and an intuitive power selector that adjusts power usage on the fly based on need. One killer feature is the system’s ability to automatically switch between hardwood, and carpet. That’s right, the vacuum knows, and I don’t have to reach down and push anything like I do on the Dyson.

Like all Miele products the new series of canister vacuums are built to a 20 year life cycle, and must withstand a 1000 hour endurance test before they even begin production on them. All Miele vacuums come with a 7 year motor warranty which is another plus.

Like I mentioned before, the look of the Miele units isn’t as space age cool as the Dysons, but they are small, compact light, and streamlined.

Each S2 vacuum in the series is customized for specific home flooring needs and outfitted with the right tools to provide ultimate cleaning performance.

Entry level starts with the S2120 Olympus canister vacuum, which comes in Lotus White color and is ideal for smooth floors and some area rugs. The vacuum is priced at $350.00. This unit comes with classic combination carpet / smooth floor tool. The Olympus is designed for homes with mainly hard, smooth flooring surfaces and low pile area rugs.

Mid range is the S2120 Delphi which also comes in Lotus White and sells for $550.00. This vacuum is designated for wall-to-wall carpet cleaning. The Delphi powerful, yet gentle Electro Comfort mid-size electrobrush effectively moves and separates carpet fibers for deep cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting.   Like all Meile systems it has convenient controls within the handle which lets the user turn the rotating brush on and off to transition from carpet to smooth flooring or low pile area rugs. This vacuum is ideal for homes with mostly medium to high pile carpets.

And now the top of the line. Coming in at $650.00 and finished off in Chili Red, the all around S2120 Titan is fully loaded and comes standard with a HEPA filter. Two deluxe tools allow for all-around cleaning in just about any home environment. Titan comes with both a Parquet Floor Tool and Electro Comfort mid-size electrobrush with deluxe handle controls for convenient transitions, perfect for medium to high pile carpets, area rugs and all smooth flooring.