“Hound” a Student film from Olivia Blanc and Marion Delpech. Watch It.

It’s Labor Day and I have spent a chunk of the early afternoon perusing the internet, specifically Vimeo. While looking for inspiring animation, and illustration styles I came across “Hound” by Olivia Blanc and Marion Delpech. This is their 2013 graduation short from EMCA. I’m gonna say it onne more time, French schools like EMCA and Supinfocom continue to turn out some of the best student work I have seen. If I were a student interested in animation, film, motion graphics, 3D, or any related field, I think I would be applying to go to school in France.


Another Great Animated Short from Supinfocom.

It’s Wednesday, and I know I needed a little bit of inspiration mid-way through the week. What could be more inspiring than an animated short from the graduating students of Supinfocom in Arles, France?

Below is a seven minute animated short, created by 6 students for their graduation presentation. Every time I see work from this school I am simply blown away by the quality of the work. This school consistently turns out some of the best work I see all year. Great story, illustration style, animation, attention to detail, and over all quality. Nice work guys.

Francis CANITROT –
Aurélien DUHAYON –
Sébastien IGLESIAS –
Maxence MARTIN –

“Fat” an Amazing Student Film from Supinfocom.

Every time I see a graduate project from the students at Supinfocom in Arles France, it makes me want to take a sabbatical and go back to school. This animated short film came out a couple of years ago, but I just found it this morning on Vimeo. Great story telling, character design, 3D modeling, animation, sound design and post production work. This is why this is one of the top schools in the world for learning this kind of thing.

Direction // Gary Fouchy – Yohann Auroux Bernard – Sebastien De Oliveira Bispo
Help // Bastien Letoile – Lucas Morandi – Danyang Wang
Music // Noah Sacre