Mountain Surfer.

While watching the news this morning I saw the local weather prediction for next week. They are saying that this time next week the low temp is going to be somewhere around 16 to 18 degrees, and while colder than average, I shouldn’t be surprised since winter starts in about 6 weeks. According all the meteorologists this is going to be a pretty hard winter for the midwest, and rather than hating it, I’ve decided to try to embrace it. So what is the best way to embrace old man winter when you’d rather be someplace warm and sunny? You combine something like surfing with snowboarding with the ultimate ride.


The new Mountain Surfer by Jones Snowboards is designedby renowned San Diego surfboard shaper Chris Christenson. Mountain Surfer is a hand shaped, all wood snowboard that forgoes traditional bindings for removable hooks that you can choose to use or not. The hooks allow the rider to push their boots into  which helps improve board control while keeping the board locked to  your feet. At the same time, if you are an advanced powder surfer you can go naked with no hooks and try and get that real wave riding feeling like you are really surfing the side of your favorite mountain. The Mountain Surfer also features a foam traction pad for extra grip, and a leash to keep your board tethered to you for that occasional wipe out.



Happy Friday. Let “Water” Start Your Weekend Right.

Never underestimate the power of quality content, beautiful subject, matter, solid editing, slow-motion footage, and a mesmerizing soundtrack. The video below was uploaded 5 days ago on Vimeo and already has over 155 thousand plays, with 3000 likes. Shot on a RED Epic using a Nikon 14mm F/2.8 lens, in an SPL waterhousing, “Water”, by  will transport you to a world you’ll long to visit.

“Carbon Lines” a Film By Darmon Moore, for EYE SYMMETRY.

Here is a wonderful little film from  that features some really nice editing, color grading, and cinematography. It tells a story about the craft of a handmade object with exquisite attention to detail.

In 3 minutes Moore captures what EYE SYMMETRY puts into each surfboard design and fabrication. The passion and dedication that makes up EYE SYMMETRY’s  premium surfboards is put on display with a soft-touch and Moore’s artistic eye.

DTWO Long Boards from Slovenia.

Slovenia isn’t the first place that comes to mind when the word “Skateboard” is mentioned. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a skateboard scene there, it just isn’t at the top of my list of skateboard havens. Now, with that said, check out this line os long boards from Slovenian maker DTWO.


These longboards are beautifully crafted from Slovenian Beech wood that grows on the sunny side of the alps. The boards feature progressive shapes inspired by surfboards with each board having a specific style of ride. The boards are carefully crafted with second dimension in mind and inspired by the beautiful Slovenian country side, deep valleys, urban madness and low lying coastal trails.




Monday Inspiration. Surfing Giants.

A couple of weeks ago there was a flurry of activity on the internet and TV news about a group of guys that had broken the record of surfing the largest waves in the world. The footage that I kept seeing was pretty much straight news footage of a guy shooting down the face of a wave that was around 10 stories tall.

The video below is quite different. This short film features some amazing footage of a group surfing monster waves off the coast of Portugal. What these guys are doing is insanely great, but the film is what I am digging. Great shooting and editing went into the final piece, and it does a magnificent job of really showing you just how large and powerful the waves these guys surf are. The Band Originale film features surfers Othmane Choufani, Jérôme Sahyoun and Axi Muniain, and was shot on January 28th at Nazare, Portugal.

Produced by Band Originale

Music by NoisePicture

Why Design – Yves Behar and Herman Miller.

Herman Miller has kicked off it’s “Why Design” series again with a short film featuring Yves Behar. If you’re a designer, you know who this is, if you aren’t a designer, you should know who this is. Anyway The film below is the first is  the series which will include Don Chadwick, and Ayse Birsel in the near future. The first short has some really nice production values and editing with a narrative that highlights Behar’s entrepreneurial spirit, his views on sustainability and design as he compares surfing to improvisational jazz. It’s only a couple of minutes long. Take a break and give it a look.