“The Chemistry of Inspiration”, an Infiniti Q50 shot on a Phantom Flex.

Auto manufacturers have boat loads of money for advertising and marketing. Those deep pockets pay off for the people that have the privilege to produce the visuals for them. The video below is for the new Infiniti Q50 premiere at Geneva Motor Show. Portions of it were shot on a Phantom Flex at ultra high frame rates and composited with additional footage and stills of the car. The post production work on this is outstanding with seamless blending of footage by Reepost and Cokau Lab, special effects by Flam & Co and high speed cinematography from Sublab. Here’s to them, and the wish that everyone gets to work on a big budget production like this in the future.

The Amnesty International iAd Gets it Right.

OK I should have included this with the last post.

TBWA, Berlin got it right. This series of Ads for Amnesty International, Does much the same thing as the Anti Fur ad for Datum, but if you watch the video below, you see one thing that makes this iAd work. There is a direct call to action after the third or fourth attempt to move to the next page. You get a pop-up with Amnesty’s logo and a link to the Amnesty International website, and there is a direct call to action about taking action against torture in prisons. Two ads will appear in the tablet-edition of “Die Welt” one of the leading German daily newspapers published by Axel Springer Verlag starting this month.

“The ads use the gesture technology of the iPad, they make it clear that daily human rights violations can’t be simply wiped away, “says Kurt Georg Dieckert, Executive Creative Director and Managing Director of TBWA\Berlin. “With one simple click users can directly support Amnesty International Germany.”

Agency: TBWA, Berlin, Germany
Executive Creative Directors: Kurt Georg Dieckert, Stefan Schmidt
Creative Direction: Dirk Henkelmann, Philip Borchardt, Frederik Frede
Account Management: Maike Schröder, Christoph Erdmann
Design: Chehad Abdallah
Programming/Prototyp: Kay Siegert
Technical Concept/Direction: Torsten Bergler

TBWA Barcelona, Nissan Park Assist Campaign.

This is a great little ambient campaign from TBWA, Barcelona for Nissan promoting their new park assist technology.

The campaign features non destructive stickers which were placed on rear view mirrors of parked cars through out the city. The stickers feature an image of a person helping you parallel park, something that almost every driver in the world has gone through at some point. Below the portion that is on the mirror itself, is a hang tag showing a Nissan car and the tag line “Park Without Assistance.” The hang tag points out additional features of the Nissan Micra, and has a link to the website for the car where additional information can be found.

This really is pretty fun, and the look on the guys face, plus those hand gestures is absolutely spot on.

McDonald’s is Bad, But This is Pretty Good.

I’m not a fan of McDonald’s. I don’t like the food, what they do to the environment, how they have impacted our health, the corporate farming principals etc. That stuff could be a whole blog unto itself, and that isn’t what I want to talk about here. What I want to talk about is the wonderful on street advertising done by TBWA\Zurich, Switzerland for McDonald’s. Taking advantage of the closed streets during Zurich’s largest street festival, TBWA turned street crossings into McDonald’s french fry containers. Each of these were placed at crossings near or outside of McDonald’s stores. I don’t dig McDonald’s, but I like how TBWA executed this in a fun and clever way.

Agency: TBWA Zurich
Client: McDonald’s
Creative Directors: Michael Kathe, Martin Friedlin
Art Director: Dominique Magnusson
Art Buyer: Christina Hengstmann
Account Manager: Guido Zehnder