TED Talks

TED-ed, When Plants Talk.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a problem with addiction. I am addicted to TED Talks and TED-ed. Seriously, I can sit down on the couch, fire up the Apple TV and watch this stuff for hours. The content is always relevant, I always learn something, and in the case of the video below, I get to watch an animation that looks so wonderful, and lush.

Craeted by London animator/illustrator Yukai Du‘s and Jiaqi Wang, this This four and half-minute TED-ed lesson explains how plants can communicate with each other.


BabyX Redefining Artificial Intelligence.

Here we are, one step closer to artificial intelligence that actually has potential. BabyX was introduced to the public at the TEDx conference at TEDxAuckland. The project is the creation of New Zealander Mark Sagar, and from what I have seen in the video below it sounds pretty impressive. BabyX is able to interact and react to the world around it. BabyX also has the ability to learn, store, retrieve and modify learned information over time which allows it to mimic the actions and interactions of a real life baby. The fiber optics, and readouts look impressive, but the real exciting part of this, is what BabyX is, and what this system will become.

Friday Inspiration. “Aurasma” a Better Augmented Reality.

After yesterday’s post about the digitally enhanced IKEA catalog, I started looking at other emerging technologies that create similar experiences. One of the things I found was from a TED talk video that was published to YouTube yesterday. What I like about this is, unlike Google Glass it already exists, and is being used. Unlike Google Glass it doesn’t need glasses or any other form of wearable technology. It feels more practical. Unlike QR Codes, and other bar code driven technology this is activated by the image itself.

Aurasma, is self-described as “the world’s first visual browser.” and based on the video below you can see why. This has so much potential, and at the end of the video you can see just how easy it is to use and add your own content to. In the video presenters Matt Mills and Tamara Roukaerts demonstrate Aurasma and, the seamlessly animated the world as seen through a smartphone. Aurasma goes beyond previous augmented reality applications , by using their “auras” to do everything from make a painting talk to overlaying live news onto a printed newspaper.