The Auto Industry

Big Apple.

Here it is Friday afternoon, and you are probably wondering, pondering, thinking, and asking yourself, “Just how big and important is Apple?” Come on I know you are.

As Apple continues to grow, successfully moving from a computer manufacturer, to a “device” maker. I use that term loosly since Apple is selling more than devices. They are selling a lifestyle built around their technology, design, and user experience. You might be wondering just how big they actually are in terms of numbers.

The infographic below from Best Computer Science Degrees takes a look at just how big Apple really is. And it’s pretty huge if you don’t already know. Since launching in 2008, Apple has sold more than 200 million iOS devices. 200 million. Think about that. The entire combined output of the world-wide auto industry is just 213 million. In less than 4 years iOS devices rival the auto industry in terms of actual units sold. Another important fact from the graphic below, 40% of Apple’s revenue is credited to the iPhone alone. 40% of Apple’s 10 billion dollar revenue.