The Guardian

The Guardian.

A good story, solid illustration, animation and sound design skills all add up in this wonderful little short film from “N9VE”. “The Guardian” is an interpretation from  “The Trial” by Kafka. It represents the parable of “Before Law”.  Directed and animated by Alessandro Novelli, it is a 5 minute short that will hold your attention all the way through, and just in case you are curious about how it was made, I have included the making of video as well. There isn’t a ton of detail, but you get a solid idea of the tools used, and how it was put together.


A Frankenstein Viral Promotion.

For the new Sky eries “Penny Dreadful” Beakus director Gergely Wootsch has created an animated short that features some really nice animation that takes inspiration from the origin ofMarry Shelly’s 1818 novel “Frankenstein”. The animation is dark, atmospheric, and captures the mood of the book. Matthew Sweet’s narration guides the viewer through the back story of the book, it’s origin, and aspects of the monster that many who haven’t  read the book, probably don’t know.  “Penny Dreadful” is a major drama series on Sky created by John Logan and starring Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Eva Green and Billie Piper. The animation was released as an exclusive on The Guardian.

The Guardian asks, “Shouldn’t your run be this much fun?”

Just under two months ago the Guardian launched a new campaign for their Life & Style site. The camping focuses on running and is built around a series of images of dogs tied to the question “Shouldn’t your run be this much fun”. Visually this is a home run as far as I’m concerned  It’s hard for anyone to not stop and look at a photo of a dog that is completely happy beyond belief.

guardian 2

Produced by BBH for the Guardian, the ads create a winning approach in a crowded market place by considering why we run in the first place rather than bombard readers with facts and figures. They also made a bold move by stepping away from pro-athlete endorsements or by claiming to be the authority on running. Instead they simply imply that running could make you this happy, and tie it to a well informed website that hosts a stream of running content with light social hooks for engagement.


guardian 3

“The Guardian” a Steampunk Vespa.

This morning my friend Chris shot me an email with a link to one of the best looking steampunk examples I’ve seen in a while. It combines high-end steampunk craft with one of my favorite things… vintage Vespa scooters.


The “Guardian” was created by sculptor Cris Cofitis, and is absolutely outstanding. Built with painstaking attention to detail, Cris has built a steampunk scooter that is a rolling sculpture on wheels. What I really love is the way Cofitis has managed to keep character and essence of the original Vespa while modifying almost every inch of the bike.

Coftis has done more than just embellish the bike with steampunk styling via bolt on parts. Coftis has used his skills as a designer to fabricate, trim and fit everything into place with stylish details and fully functional steampunk replacement parts. What a great balance between, art, design, mechanics, and engineering.