the Universal Shelving System

Deiter Rams, The Universal Shelving System, For Vistoe.

Designed in 1960, by Deiter Rams, the Universal Shelving System was conceived to be a timeless piece, and it is. 50 years later it looks as good today, as the day it was introduced. Clean lines, aesthetic balance, simplicity of form and function have all combined to create a shelving system that has held up.

The system is designed to be expandable and re-configurable for limitless solutions that fit each individuals needs.

At the core of the shelving system is the E-Track that can be attached directly to the wall. Shelves, cabinets and tables are hung from the E-Track by slipping the aluminum pins into place.

Shelves have a second hole so that they may be hung either way up.

If no wall is available, or it is uneven, the E-Track may be attached to the X-Post. The system can then stand on the floor and avoid obstructions allowing it to be installed in many places.

You can easily rearrange your system whenever needed.

One of the things that I really like about the system is that it can be wall mounted, floor supported, or mounted floor to ceiling to create a room divider in a work space. I could see this kind of system replacing the ubiquitous cubical farm with something that was better to look at, easier to use, and allot more inviting to sit at for 8 hours a day.

The shelving is currently available from Vistoe in the UK with world-wide delivery available.

I am seriously looking into getting this as I build out my studio space.