The Worlds Most Exclusive Website

The Worlds Most Exclusive Website

This is pure genius.

The Worlds Most Exclusive Website“, builds on the human desire to be popular. Working like an exclusive nightclub in New York, the worlds most exclusive website asks you to register with your Twitter account. Then the site decides if you are important enough to gain entry. If you aren’t you get redirected to a less discriminating site. In my case Olive Garden. I have no idea what is on the other side of that elusive door that is accessed by the rich and famous, but I am sure it is something very special. I bet they have Swarovski crystal covered unicorns behind that door.

I have no idea on what the back story is behind this. I am sure that it is truly an advertising aggregator driving traffic to a specific client/brand list. None the less it is a genius move from the creator of it. Over the next few months it’ll be interesting to see how much viral buzz builds out of this, and how much traffic gets redirected to other sites because of it. I’d also like to know how many people become obsessed with it, and go on an all out binge to add Twitter followers just to gain access.

Give it a shot, and if you don’t mind post a comment on what site you got redirected to.