Tie Tack

Tied Up, Pinned Down

There was a period in time when I use to wear a neck tie on a fairly regular basis for work. Yes there are certain segments of the design industry where you might have to dress up a little bit. That is an entire topic of conversation that could receive multiple blog posts, but not today’s subject matter.

If you are the kind of individual that wears a necktie on a regular basis, or just occasionally, you probably have a tie tack, or tie clip in your fashion arsenal. If you don’t, you should. Keeping your necktie from flapping around in the breeze, or falling into your soup helps you to look more polished and finished.

For a while now, I’ve wondered why no one had come up with an alternate to the tie clip, or tie bar that doesn’t require you to poke a hole through, or possibly snag that expensive piece of fabric tied around your neck. Yes good neckties are expensive, and yes your tie tack pokes a hole through it, and your tie bar usually has teeth on the clip. We now have an alternate solution. “Tie Mags“.

Though limited in selection, Tie Mags offers three choices to hold your necktie in place. Made from industrial strength NdFeB magnets, and non-corroding alloys, Tie Mags literally snap together between your shirt and your tie to keep it in place. They run about twenty bucks, and come with a nice wooden box to hold them when your not dressed up. I just wish they had a wider selection of styles to choose from. Then again, I don’t wear a tie all that often anymore, so I could probably get by with what they have.