36 Cities, 21 Countries, 90 Nights.

I love traveling to Europe. I’ve been a number of times, and would go back in a heart beat given the opportunity. I was supposed to go to Italy earlier this year, but with the move and a couple of other things that trip has been postponed. The video below, by Luke Shepard is a tribute to some of Europe’s greatest architecture. The time lapse footage was shot in 36 cities across 21 countries over the course of 3 months. It really is a pretty stunning piece of work. The shots almost have a 3D quality to them, which is a testament to Shepard’s talents as a photographer.

Awaken the Spirit of Travel.

Malta based BRND WGN was charged with creating a tourism video for the island get away and Air Malta. Using the ubiquitous red candles that are found through out the island a crew of thirty created a stop motion video that was shot on location at Gnejna Bay.

The result is a fun organic video that feels like a cross between an old school Light-Brite and an  eight bit video game from the 80’s. The video below shows not only the stop motion video, but time-lapse footage as well of the set up for the main feature. This is a fun little piece that leaves a lasting visual impression. Enjoy.

Boilerhum, A Year Through My Window.

If the Australian Tourism Board hasn’t already licensed the film below they should. This short 5 minute film compresses an entire year of travel around the entire coast of Australia into one short film, and it does it really well. The film maker uses plenty of time-lapse split screen, and tilt shift techniques in the film but he does it skillfully and it works.

I’ll be honest I am the kind of guy that really doesn’t like to see the latest flavor of the month effect being used, and right now time-lapse is as hot as stop motion was a year and a half ago. (That’s right I’m saying stop motion has jumped the shark so move on already) The thing is Boilerhum used the effects really well in this film and it works. Maybe it is the fact that it is combined with split screen footage that is offset or at a different crop ratio. Maybe it’s because the soundtrack chosen for the film completely matches the time-lapse pacing. Either way, what ever it is, it works and it feels fresh.

I guess now I have to start planning a trip to the land down under.

Waiting Out Winter.

Kansas City is about to get hit with the first major snow storm it has experienced in two years. Because of the impending end of winter storm, I thought I’d post this little video about waiting out winter. This is a really well done video, making great use of time-lapse photography, and really solid sound design.

Cast & Salvage /// castandsalvage.com
Directed by: Andrew David Watson /// andrewdavidwatson.com
Music : Huma-Huma /// huma-huma.com
Radio Voice Over: Blake Delong