Shapes in Motion.

They say practice makes perfect, and I have to agree with that. If you want to master something, it requires time and effort to refine your skills. Somethings require more than others and the video below is a prime example of someone who has polished their skills and continues to refine them. This fun little animation by Jordan Coelho was created as a “practice piece to explore and animate a style with simple shapes, and train myself.” Nice work Jordan, I think the training is paying off quite well. The video has a nice look to it. The timing is spot on with a solid use realistic fall off and elasticity. The sound design works with the elements on stage and it keeps your audience engaged. I think this guy might have a career in animation ahead of him.


StackSocial is Offering Adobe KnowHow: Learn Photography for 35 Bucks.

Well today Apple officially stopped development for Aperture it’s professional editing and organization software. I have to admit, I never used it. I have the Adobe creative Suite which includes Lightroom, Bridge and Photoshop, so Aperture was never really on my radar. With Adobe’s workflow engrained in me, there was never really a need to use it. I have to say I’m sad to see Aperture go away though. Competition is good, and Adobe has gone from the 800 pound gorilla to King Kong, which makes me a little uncomfortable.


If you haven’t been an Adobe user, and are now feeling the need to learn their tool set, you are in luck. Stack Social is offering Adobe KnowHow:Learn Photography for just $34.99, and the online education suite will train you up. If you are already an Adobe CC user, you still might want to look into this. I’m thinking with more than 200 lectures and 27 hours of content you are definitely going to learn a thing or two no matter what skill level you are at.