Traumgedanken, The Book of Dreams.

Traumgedanken was designed by Maria Fischer, a German artist from Augsburg.  The book “Traumgedanken” (dream thoughts) contains a collection literary, philosophical, psychological, and scientific texts that give an insight into different perspectives about the dreams.

To help visualize the connections between the elusive subjects, Fischer uses threads that tie key years, cross-linked subjects together like physical hyperlinks. According to Fischer “The threads visualize the confusion and the fragility of dreams.” The threads are divided into multiple colors, each representing a keyword, date, or specific subject. as the threads unfold on the pages they create an abstract image that changes as the pages are turned.

The books meaning can be interpreted differently each time the book is read because the threads overlap in a new way each time the pages are opened. Fischer constructed the book this way, because the interpretation of dreams varies so much from person to person, and each time the dream is recalled and explained.

Fischer and Traumgedanken won the Grand Prix 2010 Bavarian State Award for Young Designer 2010

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