Monument Rocks.

20 miles South of Colby Kansas is Monument Rocks. A rock formation that is part of an ancient sea bed. If you are ever driving on I-70 in Kansas, I say make the detour. It’s worth the 30 minute excursion. Now it’s time to roll on to Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Kisses in Tokyo

OK if this tech works as shown in the video it’s pretty amazing. There is no word on pricing or a launch date, just summer of 2016. It’s a pretty interesting concept, although I’m not sure why they don’t have a smartphone app to launch at the same time as this. An app just makes so much sense since the dictionary could update in the background, and the translation algorithms  could be updated as well. Plus people always have their phone with them, and this is one more thing you have to carry. None the less, the translations shown in the video seem pretty remarkable, and apparently more accurate than any translation app I have on my iPhone. As for the marketing, the video is just bizarre and even though it has been seen by over a million people, ili has been forced to post an update that makes me question it. If everyone in the video is an actor and an actress it makes me think the whole thing was scripted and rehearsed, which sort of invalidates the results. Hmmmm I guess we will just have to wait and see.

“The flag of Flags”, Norwegian Airlines.

I love the simplicity of this ad for Norwegian Airlines by M&C Saatchi Stockholm. They have taken the Norwegian flag and outlined the flags of countries they fly to. Each flag is maked by a simple white outline and a destination name for that country and the cost of a flight there. Thailand, France, Finland, Poland and the Netherlands. The campaign is called “The flag of Flags” and plays to the Norwegian national pride for their flag. The print ad was featured in The Newspapers VG and Aftenposten over the holidays and during the New Years issue for each.