Opel Turns Some Trixx.

The German auto maker Opel, mint not be very well-known here in the United States, but in Europe they are seen everywhere. After seeing this concept car, I wish the brand was available here.

Shown recently at the Paris Auto show, the Opel Trixx is a wonderful piece of industrial design. At just over 9 feet long, Trixx is a small car designed for urban commutes and small narrow streets with limited parking.

Trixx boasts a brilliantly conceived package with Opel’s typical changeable interior layout. The interior can accommodate either three adults and a child or a large amount of luggage or other objects when only the driver is on board. Its spacious trunk has a volume of 3.5 cubic feet, and with a loading length of 5 feet, Trixx can accommodate even a full mountain bike inside. There are three electrically operated pantograph doors, two on the passenger’s side and one on the driver’s side. This way people can enter and exit the car very easily and conveniently even though it is so small. This makes the TRIXX the ideal partner to meet all urban mobility requirements.

Other genius design ideas include the inflatable rear seat, a front passenger’s seat that can be folded away, and a roof hatch that opens when a button is pressed to permit long objects to be carried upright. There is a luggage rack at the rear that can be pulled out like a drawer to carry heavy or dirty objects. The lively TRIXX has very modest fuel consumption, and is powered by the modern 1.3-liter CDTI turbocharged diesel engine with common-rail direct injection and an output of 70 hp.

The TRIXX, boosts contours that are reminiscent of an SUV, making a strong visual impression with its powerful lines, short overhangs and an emotive interpretation of Opel’s language of form and visual styling. Among the design elements closely associated with the Opel brand are the crease on the hood, the characteristic side-window graphics and the pronounced wheel arch lips. The tapering front and rear ends of the body – like the new Astra (also sold by Saturn in the United States)- emphasize the dynamic, yet immediately appealing character of this study. The cockpit of the TRIXX is matched in every way to the driver’s practical needs, and according to Opel, is designed in the style of an American car of the 1950s with a milled aluminum speedometer to create a 3D effect.

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