TV Advertising

“Polo Dad”. A Dad, a Car, a Daughter, an Ad.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, Volkswagen UK has released a new TV spot for the Polo. There is no dialog used through out the spot, but the story telling and emotional connection is there. More importantly, the actual product is hardly noticeable until the very end of the spot.

The car is featured through out, but done so in a very subtle way, pushing the focus onto the relationship between the father and daughter. The really nice tie in here is how VW manages to make the connection  between the father figure, the daughter, the car and the brand with the two lines of copy at the end. “Stay in safe hands”, and “Polo, small but tough”.

“Our new TV ad for the Volkswagen Polo shows the evolving relationship of a protective father and his daughter, from the moment he first brings her home from the hospital to the day she finally leaves home, when he hands her the keys to a shiny new Polo — ensuring she “stays in safe hands”.

Adidas Football: DFB Campaign. “Schneller Ins Trikot”.

I don’t speak German, but it really isn’t important when you watch this TV spot for Adidas. The plot is simple, the ad runs back to the beginning showing all the hard work that goes into making the team, and winning the game.

There are a couple of things that I really love about this spot. I like the fact that it plays in reverse. I know it’s a gimmick, but it works here. It helps sell the story. I love the way this is shot. The whole piece has such a great atmospheric quality. Great lighting, slightly desaturated color, shallow depth of field appropriately used through out the piece without dominating it… Through the commercial there is careful placement of the Adidas logo, but it never detracts from the main subject which is the emerging football star. Instead the logo reinforces his growth into becoming a star.

I tried to find info on the production company behind the spot but came up empty handed. If I get a hold of any additional info, I’ll update this post.

How Would you Pitch “Cartoon Trippy” for Müller Yogurt?

Sometimes I see TV spots and wonder how the hell you would pitch “that idea” to the client. This new spot for German Yogurt  company Müller is one of them. The spot is visually insane featuring cartoon characters, Kit from Night Rider, and CG transformer thing, and business men being turned into cartoon fruit blobs. I’m sure this has something to do with watching TV in the morning while eating yogurt, but I’m not German so I’m not sure. None the less it is a fun ad and the production quality and visual effects are absolutely top notch, so it is worth watching.

Threading the Needle. BMW 1M Coupe TV Spot.

For the most part I love the automobile industries broadcast advertising campaigns. I really do.I know there are lots of bad national campaigns, but for every bad one there is a hair brained professional driver closed course video. Those kind of ads make me think it would be a blast to work on this stuff.

BMW has just released a video for the new 1M Coup that is being shown on YouTube for BMW Canada. It shows a driver taking over the runway at an airfield, getting familiar with the car, and then threading the car through a series of concrete walls with openings just big enough for the car to squeeze through.

I have no idea how much of this is CGI, and how much of it is real. I am betting that there were real walls built but not with concrete. I am willing to bet that the opening is larger than what we see in the video, and sections of the walls were green screened. I’m going to say that the green screened sections were replaced with CGI footage to match the shot.

What I do know is this. This spot is really well done, fake, partially fake or not fake at all. The camera work and editing is great. The overall look compliments the brand, and the spot captures the thrill of driving an “M” series BMW.