Titanic Tweets!

History Press has launched a new Twitter feed to promote the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s tragic voyage. The Twitter page went live 5 days ago, and will remain up until April 12th when as we all know, Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks. Tweets will be sent from  #captain, #crew, #photographer and #engineering. It’s a pretty clever idea and makes Titanic’s story feel fresh. I wonder if Leonardo DiCaprio will post any tweets as @kingoftheworld?

Check out the Titanic tweets here.

The Mercedes-Benz Tweet Fleet. (my city needs this.)

Last evening when I was driving around Westport looking for a parking spot I wished I had some way of knowing where available spaces were. I had the same wish the day before on the Plaza which has turned into a giant valet parking zone. It seems Kansas City businesses like the idea of valet parking, and the city likes putting up tons of “No Parking” signs these days. If we only had the Mercedes-Benz Tweet Fleet in this town.

Mercedes cars equipped with a GPS unit, a modified Arduino board, wireless internet, and a camera are patrolling the streets of crowded German cities sending tweets about available parking spaces to smartphone owners everywhere. It’s a great idea. If we had it in my city I’d use it all the time.

By the way, I might have gotten my translation of the equipment wrong. I don’t speak German and I was using a speech to text translator on my phone to convert the dialog to English. German-speaking readers feel free to send me any corrections or additional info that I might have missed.

CNN Ecosphere for the COP17 Conference.

CNN has come up with a really amazing data visualization for tweets being generated at the COP17 Conference on Global warming. The concept is really pretty simple, tweet and add the hash tag #COP17. Your tweet is added to the visualization engine and based on the number of re-tweets, comments, direct messages etc. you get to watch your ideas and thoughts grow. To tie this back into the conference itself, CNN is projecting the entire visualization as a hologram inside the conference itself. The embedded video below gives you a pretty solid idea of how this works, and to participate go here.

Fair Tweets!

Ben & Jerry’s have launched a new social media campaign centered around Twitter that highlights the importance of World Fair Trade Day.

The campaign, is called “Fair Tweets“, and works by leveraging your unused twitter characters and converting them into a message about World Fair Trade Day.  Depending on how many characters you have left at the end of each tweet, the Ben & Jerry’s Fair Tweets app automatically generates a secondary relevant message to fill the left over space which is then posted with each of your tweets.

This is a cool idea that allows you to easily participate, with minimal effort, and a maximum feel good factor.