Union Street Bag

A Camera Bag That Hides Your “Tourist” Look.

When I travel, I tend to take things like a camera, iPhone, iPad etc. The problem with using a camera bag is that nothing says “Tourist” like a camera around your neck or a camera bag on your shoulder. The problem with a laptop case is that most aren’t designed to hold a camera, and most look like something you need for your 9 to 5 office gig.

Thanks to Ona Bags, you now have a choice that lets you carry more than a camera, and doesn’t say “Please come mug me, I am a tourist with a bag full of pricey camera gear”. The Union Street bag for men by Ona Bags is a hand-made canvas bag infused with wax to enhance its durability and water resistance. The bag is designed to hold all your items; in addition to the camera it holds a 15″ laptop, up to 3 lenses or small accessories and personal items. The interior is lined with protective padding and 5 customizable dividers.

I think this needs to go on my Christmas wish list. If you can’t wait for Santa, you can buy it at Ona Bags.