Urban Culture

San Francisco Day Two

We should have planned more days in San Francisco before driving south along the PCH to Santa Barbara. Out of all the cities in America, this is my number one choice for places to live. Not the suburbs, but the city itself. It has all the dynamics of New York, yet it always feels so international compared to other US cities.

Today was spent knocking around North Beach, the Presidio, and Fillmore districts after waiting for more than an hour to eat at Dottie’s True Blue Cafe. Everywhere we went we were surrounded by culture, food, fashion, and design. All of which is juxtaposed with the homeless and transient society that also floods this city. Perhaps this dichotomy of cultural extremes is why I am drawn here. There is so much wealth, and culture, so much in the way of the arts and design communities, yet there is also a counter point to all of this.

For example, today we were looking at all the wonderfully designed kitchen wares at the Allesi store, while a homeless man used the doorway next door as a bathroom, completely oblivious to the people passing by. The pedestrians, like the man in the doorway desensitized to all of it.

No matter what, I still love this place.