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Best Buy, You, and Mobile.

At the recent Retail Innovation and Marketing Conference, Tracy Benson from Best Buy had participants perform an interesting exercise. She asked members of the audience to exchange their mobile phone with the person sitting next to them, and then she asked the audience to exchange them again. After quite  bit of hesitation the audience obliged and members of the crowd found themselves holding a different mobile phone.

The purpose of the exercise was to point out to people in the audience the overwhelming importance of mobile technology, and how it is becoming the most important brand/product touch point for many companies these days. A thought that wasn’t really possibly as little as ten years ago. What is important is the fact that the world is converging, and devices like your phone, your TV, and possibly your iPad or other tablet computer will become more and more important to your brand image and marketing strategy  as this decade moves forward.

The link below is to a video on YouTube that Benson show cased at the conference. It is a presentation about the value of mobile – not only on Best Buy’s employees, but also on the company. Some of the more interesting points made by Best Buy employees for me are when you hear individuals talking about having a browser on your TV, or the entire Best Buy catalog in an augmented reality mobile application that extends the shopping experience for the customer. Like Macy’s iPhone application, Best Buy is pushing the boundaries of what mobile can do, by directing targeted information to your phone based on your physical location and shopping habits.

I love this stuff. It opens the doors to a whole new world of interactive design   possibilities, and the best part is, it makes for a better experience for you the customer/end-user.

The video  link below is about 4 minutes long but worth watching