On The Beach “Someday” with Iggy Pop

The first time I saw Iggy Pop preform was at the Lawrence Opera House in Lawrence Kansas sometime around 1980. What I remember from that show was Iggy’s intensity and his I don’t give a damn about anything attitude.

Fast forward 40 years and we now have the godfather of punk rock narrating a two-minute monologue on what 2020 brought to us and what we have to look forward to. Iggy’s distinctive gravelly voice overlays a scene of people running along the beach looking forward to brighter, better days ahead. The monologue relives all of the insanity that surrounded everything in 2020. Stockpiling toilet paper, washing your hand 100 times a day, working from home, remember to wear your mask, giving up eating out, and on and on. Iggy ends it on a lighter note though reminding us that the beach will be ready and waiting when we are all able to take that much needed vacation again.

“We got angry, we got sad, we cried. But we picked ourselves up and we started again, knowing that the sun is always shining somewhere,” he says. “At some point someday you’ll be on your dream holiday, thinking ‘Is it too early for a drink?’” 

The spot is set to an orchestral interlude from the track Sunday, off of Iggy’s latest album Post-Pop Depression. Directed by Uncommon Creative’s executive creative director Sam Walker with Pulse Films it first aired on ITV’s Britan’s Got Talent and will run through February. In addition to the spot, there are the obligatory social media campaigns and a partnership with Amazon Prime.

“This will pass. Sometimes it takes the perspective of someone who has seen a lot in their life to make you realize that. Your shoulders drop, and hope returns,” Iggy says as the spot opens. A statement that Iggy can attest to because he’s seen more than his fair share thanks to 50 plus years of his rock and roll lifestyle.

“Never mind the worst week of someone’s life, what about a year in the life of the UK? We wanted to say it like it is, so we needed a voice that has seen it all. Two minutes in Iggy’s company can make anyone feel better, hopefully, everyone.” Uncommon co-founder Nils Leonard said. And he’s right.

My Annual Photo Weekend

Every year I take a five-day trip to Estes park Colorado to hang out with a couple of friends and just relax. The trip consists of staying at my friend’s house (Aspen Grove), hiking in the woods, taking photos, drinking beer, and eating too much red meat over the five days.

The trip is in some ways creative renewal, but mostly it’s just letting everything go, and focusing on having fun and trying to get a few good images while we are out hiking around Rocky Mountain National Park. This year the three of us changed things up a bit and hit the park the first week of October instead of mid-May, and we still got snowed on. The weather wasn’t exactly cooperative, with almost the entire 5 days filled with off and on rain, snow hail, and overcast. It’s all good though. You make do with what you have and just keep shooting.

This is a baker’s dozen of images shot on my Olympus OMD EM1. Not all of the photos were taken in Colorado, and few were taken at Monument Rocks in Western Kansas about 20 miles from Oakley. And yes, every single image has had some form of post processing done to it, The original images were all shot in RAW format and processed in Lightroom and Photoshop using a number of tools and techniques. That is part of the fun.















A Little Vacation.

I’m on a mini vacation in the Rocky Mountains snapping photos and video with the Olympus OMD for the next few days. That means fewer posts thanks to limited connectivity to the interwebs. One thing that I will be posting about when I get back is shooting with the Olympus Zuiko 50 to 200 mm f2.8 lens that I rented from Borrow Lenses. I’m using it on the OMD so it is the equivalent of a 100 to 400mm lens. So far so good but it’s to early to really tell.


WordPress and Trip Journal for the iPhone.

In three days, mother nature willing, I’m traveling to France for a much-needed vacation. While I’m there I’ll be updating the blog via my iPhone courtesy of two iPhone applications. WordPress for iPhone, and Trip Journal.

WordPress is pretty straight forward. You put in your account info, link to your blog and post. The application allows you to insert images, geo-tag your location, moderate comments, add categories, tags, and resize photos. Depending on your WordPress theme you can also preview your posts. My current theme is not supported in the preview mode, but this isn’t a big deal for me since I am going to use the app for quick updates during the trip. Single images with a quick blurb. The app is free and easy to use. I have noticed that it can be a bit buggy and tends to crash on occasion, but it’s not bad for a free blog editor, and it hooks directly into WordPress which is a big plus. The app is fast, even on the 3G network as opposed to WiFi. So look for posts starting Friday.

The wordpress UI for iPhone.

In addition to WordPress, I going to use another app to log my vacation and that app is Trip Journal. Trip Journal costs $1.99 and from what I can tell so far, it’s worth the cost.  The application has a great graphical interface, that is a visual representation of a classic trip binder. You can create new trip, or continue to update ones you have already created. Like WordPress, Trip Journal geo-tags your locations, allows you to insert photos, write notes, and track your path as you travel. In addition, it also allows you to Tweet your location, publish your trip to Facebook, and upload images and waypoint data to services like Flickr, Google Earth, Picassa, and Twitter.

The nice looking Trip Journal UI

So look for posts to the blog, Facebook, and Twitter from the trip. And… I keep flip-flopping on buying an iPad before the trip. If I do, I’ll be using it to post and I’ll have a review of how well that goes as well.