Let’s Go On Vacation.

Not so long ago, before TV or the internet, travel was usually advertised with posters and brochures that were distributed through your travel agent. These items were designed to create a sense of atmosphere, and excitement based on the perceived exotic qualities of the location. The images and illustrations were set to create a mood and atmosphere that would give a feeling as to what you might encounter, but romanticized, and finessed in a way that is hard to describe. When I see these kinds of images, there is a certain level of simplicity that in many ways feels like the romantic visions of classic Disney cartoons, or Hollywood movies from the 30’s and 40’s where everything is perfect, everyone is happy, and there is a kind of Utopian atmosphere. I love old travel posters and the people at Poster Team have a huge collection that is also for sale. I just wish they had some higher resolution images so I could see more detail in them.

One last note, if you are ever in Kansas City, go to Le Fou Frog and check out the “Peureux” poster they have. It’s an original that is about 7 feet tall.