Knocking around St. Remy, and Arles.

While I have free WiFi at the hotel, I’m going to make a quick post. Most of the day was spent following the path of Vincent van Gogh’s last year spent between Avignon, Arles, and St. Remy.

I spent most of the day walking through Arles and the grounds of the sanitarium outside St. Remy where he had one of his most creative periods, producing 150 paintings in less than a year. The countryside is amazing, and completely inspiring. It’s no wonder he produced so much work in such a short period.

Tomorrow, Nice. Just a short 2 hour drive to the coast in the Alfa, then 2 full days of rest and nothing more. I plan to lay in a deck chair and stair at the sea.

By the way, interesting side note. I would say 80 percent plus of the people in France have a smart phone. Out of those seventy five percent are iPhones. When I ask people why they chose the phone they have, the response was an almost unanimous, “Less expensive than a laptop, more useful, more connected.” it makes sense when you realize how expensive the Internet is and how little high speed Internet they have.