“The Guardian” a Steampunk Vespa.

This morning my friend Chris shot me an email with a link to one of the best looking steampunk examples I’ve seen in a while. It combines high-end steampunk craft with one of my favorite things… vintage Vespa scooters.


The “Guardian” was created by sculptor Cris Cofitis, and is absolutely outstanding. Built with painstaking attention to detail, Cris has built a steampunk scooter that is a rolling sculpture on wheels. What I really love is the way Cofitis has managed to keep character and essence of the original Vespa while modifying almost every inch of the bike.

Coftis has done more than just embellish the bike with steampunk styling via bolt on parts. Coftis has used his skills as a designer to fabricate, trim and fit everything into place with stylish details and fully functional steampunk replacement parts. What a great balance between, art, design, mechanics, and engineering.

Vespa Romania.

I’m on vacation in one the friendliest scooter cities in America. You see more people on scooters here than pretty much any other city in the states. The high cost of gas, population density, and parking make San Francisco an ideal place to own a Vespa.

I saw this poster today in the window of a shop just down from Union Square. When I got back to the hotel, I did some digging and found out it is a Romanian ad for Vespa. I love the illustration, and the way the illustrator has integrated the traffic congestion into the map. Great image, nice ad.

Agency: Three, Romania
Creative Director: Andrei Tripsa
Copywriter: Sabin Staicu
Art Director: Nicu Duta
Account Director: Miruna Pop
Illustrator: Nicu Duta


The 20th Annual Vintage Motorcycle Show.

Today my friend Kanon and I went to vintage motorcycle show at the downtown airport here in Kansas City. There is so much you could say about the bike that were there, but there really isn’t enough room on the page, and frankly the bikes speak for themselves. So, I have decided to post a slide show of some of my faves. Everything from a vintage Indian with sidecar, to modern sport bikes.

Hope you enjoy.

Instagram Image 1/1/11

My Instagram project was supposed to start yesterday on January 1, but things got away from me and I didn’t get the image posted here. I pushed it to Instagram, and to a couple of other sites, but failed to get the image loaded on Modular 4 KC. So here is yesterday’s image  today.

Blue Vespa Behind the Classic Cup.